It all started...
When I decided I wanted to create a hot chocolate that I could finally drink. A hot chocolate that would not cause me to be sick, have my sugar levels spiked or cause any bloating.  Being lactose intolerant, I often found myself creating my own products to fit my needs.  Being lactose intolerant means, I can not consume any dairy products and if I do, unsettling things happen.  
With that momentum in my pocket, I was able to create the first hot chocolate mix that is dairy free, gluten free, with no added sugar!  You might ask, "Doesn't taste gross?" The answer is you will have to try it for yourself to see how truly amazing it is, along with all of our other products! 
Consuming allergen free foods, is not a fad.  It is a lifestyle. 

Creating a stir in the allergen free market.

I'm Brittany, the 22 year old founder of Ohh Products, where it is our passion to craft snacks that are allergen free, nutritious and tasty!

My quest began, when I noticed there were a lack of products for individuals affected by 1 or more of the 8 most common food allergens in Ontario.  There are over 2.5 million individuals who currently are affected, being one of the 2.5 million it bothered me.  I was tired of having to choose between the unpleasant consequences of having what others were or feeling excluded.

We are tackling a huge problem in Ontario and I can't wait for you to try Ohh Products and join our #InclusiveProducts movement!

Its all about allergen free, nutritious and tasty products!