How do I become a Brand Ambassador?

Check our our 'Ohh Brand Ambassador' tab for more details! 

Are your products Allergen free?

Yes! Our company's mission is to create snacks that are allergen free, nutritious & tasty! 

Are your products made in Canada?

Yes! All of our products are made in Canada!  

Are your bites organic?

No, at this time they are not certified organic or use organic ingredients.  We crafted a product for all and in doing so we have chosen to make our snacks affordable for all, as well.

Why is the coconut yellow- on the cocoa coconut flavour?

Due to how we prepare our cocoa coconut flavour, the coconut on the outside becomes yellow.

Will you have any other flavours?

Yes, Ohh Products plans to launch 3 other flavours of our bites so that everyone can truly enjoy them! 

Where can I find your products?

Great question! Check out our 'Find Us' Tab to see what fitness studios/ stores we are currently in!  If you know a place you'd like to see it, please send us an email!

How do we partner with Ohh Products? 

We love partnering with local businesses! Check out our 'Contact Us' tab or send us an email at

Can we purchase your bites online? 

Yes! Check out our 'Shop' tab to purchase our bites! 

What two sizes can I order your bites in?

You can purchase our bites for 0.75 cents per bite, which comes in packages of 10
Our to go package, which has 3 bites per package!

Bulk orders?  Please contact us!

What is the shelf life of your bites?

Our bites last for 3 months, if you would like to extend the life of our bites, store them in the fridge!