Ohh Products is a natural food/ beverage distributor. We specialize in crafting products that are for people with dietary restrictions; such as dairy, gelatin, soy and sugar free. Our vision is simple, ‘Products for all’. In a world that is constantly changing, it is important that we keep up with each individual’s needs, in regards to their restricted diets. OhhProducts does just that, we have crafted products that enable you to receive all of the great benefits that a healthy lifestyle can bring. OhhProducts wants everyone to enjoy their every bite/ cup of our products with their health also in mind; with pure ingredients our customers are able to do just that. Our products cater to all age groups with food allergies and intolerances such as dairy, nut, gelatin and soy; Along with those that have Celiac Disease, diabetes, and many more!


Brand – The Ohh brand is here for two things; to provide individuals that have a dietary restriction the food items they want and need and to fill that Ohh ! Feeling of “Ohh , I never knew I needed this. & Ohh ! I never knew this could help me.” Creating the Ohh Factor is what we are all about!

Quality – We take the greatest pride in our products and care deeply about the ingredients we use.  Using rich high quality ingredients to create the best taste, smell and texture is our number one priority. Natural and Organic is the only way to go!

Health –  Ohh Products strives to ensure only the greatest benefits come from enjoying our cocoa. Pure cocoa has many benefits such as: Antidepressant effects, improved blood flow and decreased blood pressure.

Allergen Free – Ohh Products is free from the 8 common allergens!  We also create our products in a nut free facility!